It's officially been five weeks, tons of elbow grease, twelve cans of paint, an old laminate floor that needed to be ripped up, one ten yard dumpster, and a little too much anticipation for opening day coming this summer (Mid-June is our goal). And, as the queen of all things Instagram, I've been documenting the heck out of our behind the scenes transformation. You can see all things Bittersweet Co., from the colors of the water-closet doors to the beginnings of my new installations. If you want to join in on the fun + follow along, find us at @bittersweet_co. Or on twitter @bittersweet_co_. Or on our FB page, search Bittersweet Co. I'll keep you posted on when a final opening day firms up, what special treats are going to be served, and who I end up hiring to become my wing-woman (or 2) in the shop. 

Hope Hellberg